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Loyalty Strategy for Business Leaders
DMA Education, Chicago, IL

Join us for this new loyalty marketing strategy course, where you’ll discover what it takes to foster loyal customers, reduce attrition, and improve profitability. Immerse yourself in a fun and interactive gaming environment and see how your decisions compare to your fellow loyalty practitioners.

Our expert facilitator, COLLOQUY Research Director Jeff Berry, will explore the worlds of retail and financial services during this interactive 2-day certification course. You’ll work to maximize ROI with our innovative loyalty strategy simulation through a new and enjoyable training experience.

We guarantee you’ll leave with the skills and techniques to develop a loyalty strategy that recognizes and rewards your best customers—whether you’re a key player in an existing program, optimizing your existing proprietary program, or considering which loyalty strategy is right for your company.

Since 1999, over 1,000 executives have attended and profited from DMA and COLLOQUY partner workshops. You get the combined strengths and training leadership of two outstanding organizations.


  • Create a strategic framework to guide your loyalty program
  • Turn loyalty into your competitive weapon and design the ultimate loyalty value proposition
  • Estimate costs of your loyalty program and evaluate results on a financial basis
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Who's Speaking?
Jeff Berry
Jeff Berry
Senior Director, Research and Development

In this session, Diane Dowsett, AVP, Talent Management of LoyaltyOne and John Pensom, Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleInsight will present a case study focused on workforce analytics technology. John will speak about current trends in the industry and explain how data is driving value. Delegates will hear how their organization can move forward in the best way possible, using data to achieve transformative outcomes. John will set out a roadmap for those looking to move forward through strategic use of data analytics, and together with Diane, will discuss how partnering with PeopleInsight helped LoyaltyOne move from data to insights to action. Diane and John will explain how the journey for LoyaltyOne that started in recruitment has now moved across HR, leading to real change and boosting HR's role as a strategic business partner. 

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Who's Speaking?
Diane Dowsett
Diane Dowsett
Associate Vice President, Talent Management, LoyaltyOne
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There’s no denying that today’s retailers need to be tech savvy to maintain and grow customer traffic. Technology-based tools, such as personalized deals based on a statistical understanding of past purchases and mobile apps that offer shopping lists and quick scan payment systems, are among the most effective tools at a retailer’s disposal.

According to a recent news report report by Piper Jaffray analyst Sean Naughton, Target has launched a new loyalty program called REDperks. Target and Whole Foods, two of the best-regarded U.S. retailers, have now embarked upon new loyalty initiatives. With the press on Albertson’s public decision to discontinue their loyalty program and a number of highly successful grocery retailers choosing not to use a traditional loyalty program, many retailers have been left wondering if loyalty programs are right for their industry.

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