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Our Journey with Dotz

Originally launched in 2000 as a multi-retailer online mall, Dotz has evolved into a full-scale retail coalition, partnering with some of Brazil’s top brands such as Banco do Brasil, Super Nosso, ALE and Magasin Luisa.

LoyaltyOne provides strategic counsel, program design, operational planning, business development support and guidance on best practices to ensure the program continues to strive.

The World's 5th Largest Market

Although the emerging middle class in Brazil offers exciting growth opportunities, more than 100 million Brazilians still don’t fall into this group.

With that in mind, Dotz has created an accessible currency that offers a broad spectrum of rewards. With functional and aspirational redemption opportunities, Dotz has been successful in appealing to all Brazilians in markets large and small.

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Creating Value for Business Partners

The broad appeal of Dotz has led to a significant impact on our Sponsors’ businesses. The program enables Sponsors to quickly identify and segment shoppers that represent the majority of their sales and helps them identify patterns in shopper buyer behaviors.

This enables them to adapt their marketing strategies and communications to create more consistently engaged and profitable long-term customers.

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